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Our Story

Our Motto: By women. For women. Welcome To A New Wave Of Media

Our Mission: We aim to inspire women all over the world to live their best life and be their best selves. 

A digital media and marketing company producing premium content for women. We inspire to provide content and experiences that will inspire, engage & motivate women from all backgrounds.  By including a diverse set of voices behind our writing and authentic storytelling, we’re aiming to change the narrative of what everyday media should be. Women from all backgrounds are getting married, becoming moms, successful in careers, and more. With our brand, we want to embrace and provide content that is relatable and elevates her every day.




The modern woman’s guide to elevating her everyday. A lifestyle publication created as a one-stop shop to share positive topics across a variety of categories that matter to women.

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Founder’s Note

Hi, I'm Jasmine Crockett, the Founder, and CEO of Everyday XO Media. I created Everyday XO Media as an extension of my fashion and lifestyle site, XO Jasmine. As the founder of XO Jasmine, I am always on the lookout for the best of the best topics to share with my readers. I aim to share content that informs and inspires women to live well, dress well, and travel well.

My goal here at Everyday XO Media is to create a space where all women feel inspired and informed from the content they’re reading no matter their background. Everyday XO Media will provide women with a one-stop shop of all the must-know positive content and experiences that fill them with inspiration, information, and the push they need to take on their dreams. I want to change the narrative of media for women in a positive light, and I hope you enjoy our content, experiences, and much more of what we have on the way.

XO Jasmine